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Creating Your First Class Supply CV

By completing the following form you are creating your First Class Supply CV
This will be shared with schools to help secure you work as a CV is now vital in a schools selection process
It is therefore essential we have a comprehensive CV in order to allow us to put you forward for supply positions
The more information you can provide about your expertise, past responsibilities and training, the better we can assist you
We have included some tips below and remember a professional CV should always be written in the third person
There is additional space at the end of this page for any extra information you would like to include
If you have any questions please call our team on 0191 251 5566

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Your profile should draw attention to what you want an employer to notice about you
Capture interest by telling them your experience, qualities, motivations and aspirations
Give the reader a concise snapshot of who you are as a teacher
Remember to write your profile in the third person to create a professional sounding CV
Bullet Point some of the main interests in your life, think of things that are interesting and will help you stand out
Try to include a minimum of 3 Interests
Bullet Point some of your Key Skills such as the Subjects you teach and the Key Stages you teach them to
You could also include your Management/Exam/SEN Experience and Professional Strengths
Try to include a minimum of 3 Key Skills
Provide details on your qualifications including your Degree and Teaching Qualification
Start with your most recent qualification
(You don't need to include your GCSE's or A-Levels)
Provide details of educational training courses you have completed
These could include Behaviour Management, SEN Training, First Aid and Child Protection to name a few
Start with your most recent training course
You must disclose all of your education work experience
If you are an NQT or Early Career Teacher this includes your school placements as part of your qualification
Include details of the role you undertook, subjects you taught, responsibilities you held and your key achievements

Start with your most recent work first
Please include both the Month and Year in the "From" and "To" fields, for any roles you are currently working in please type Present in the "To" field

If you have worked in the same school but held different roles, include each role in it's own section with its specific details
If you have worked on supply at various schools for very short periods, include your time on supply in one section
If you have had any gaps in employment since you began your career in education provide details of when and why in the Additional Information section below
If you have held more roles than there is space for, please provide brief details (including dates) of your oldest roles in the Additional Information section below
If there is any extra information you would like to include that there was not space for above, please do so here